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Integrated Design and Technology

Integrated Approach

Through VDC, we can provide a service that encompasses the entire building life cycle. We call this Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Our ability to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions stems from our commitment to integration.

Integrated Design and Technology

Our expertise thrives in bringing together a multi-disciplinary team and integrating each one's contributions so that innovative design solutions are holistically conceptualized and seamlessly flow from one vision. We approach every project collaboratively and without preconception to customize solutions for the owner, the site, and all users.

Traditional design and construction processes are siloed. In contrast, we believe in the unity of effort and integrating each member’s expertise at the inception of a project.

As an integrated firm, we know the value of collaboration from the start. Aligned endeavor is supported by VDC technology, enabling us to coordinate varied specializations and to collaborate from a single source of truth. We co-create using Virtual Design & Construction so everyone involved in the project can simulate their work in a 3D virtual environment, where plans are tested and potential design clashes resolved before any actual construction or fabrication is done in the real world. By first collaborating digitally, we minimize revisions and improve construction quality in a shorter time frame at less cost.

Moreover, we believe in being involved from pre-design to post-opening to ensure your vision is built on a strong foundation and succeeds throughout its lifecycle.

Stakeholder success is always our goal. We value team success over individual gain.