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Integrated Team

Integrated Team

Aidea, Inc. can deliver custom-designed solutions and cover an end-to-end project lifecycle due in part to the valuable support of our subsidiary companies. Having access to a wide range of specialties under one umbrella allows us to achieve optimum operational efficiency and the capacity to offer a comprehensive range of design and technology services.

Aidea, Inc. is the heart of our operations and provides design expertise in the areas of architecture, planning, interior design, and environmental graphic design.

With Aidea Technologies, Aidea can provide custom-designed, cross border Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) solutions to consultants, contractors, and other building industry professionals.

A+ Design Group allows us to draw from the diverse range of expertise of our global alliance of 14 design practices, thus enabling us to meet the demands of complex, technically challenging projects.

Epiito provides the valuable means for virtual prototyping, content creation, and co-creation to enable communication, secure understanding issue knowledge fundamental to sound decision making among members of globally-dispersed project teams..

Aidea Design Foundation is the component that allows Aidea to uphold our commitment to the promotion of education in the fields of design and technology. Through our foundation, Aidea can invest in the shaping of the solution providers of tomorrow.

Guided by a leadership vision and a set of core values that ensure all efforts are conducted in concert, Aidea and our subsidiaries are firmly committed to leading our clients to the best design solutions for their businesses to succeed, continuously inspiring the industry and ultimately, to help people live fulfilled lives.

Aidea Inc.
Integrated Design

Aidea is a global design firm that integrates architecture, planning, interior design and environmental graphic design as our core expertise.

We have been working as design lead consultants for the projects of the largest developers in the Philippines and overseas. We also collaborate with various foreign designers, including firms from the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Aidea has also completed several international design projects for multinational companies such as P&G and Regus for projects in Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Our projects range from mixed-use, through high-density developments, to hospitality, infrastructure, healthcare, industrial and institutional projects. All of these are completed using the latest technologies in VDC, our standard platform for project delivery.

We have established processes and standards for modeling and documentation that brings value to stakeholders by delivering high-quality output. We also provide Architectural and Engineering Integration as part of our standard services for design projects, covering modeling of all engineering trades, clash detection, and initial quantity take-off.

Aidea’s design process is powered by qualitative and quantitative design research. Our technology solutions enable us to explore limitless design ideas, resulting in data-driven design solutions.

Aidea Technologies
Custom-design VDC Solutions

We invest in technological innovation to power creative collaboration, drive efficiency and push for higher sustainability goals.

Aidea Technologies, subsidiary of Aidea, Inc., provides custom-designed technology solutions and support for Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) projects of design firms, home builders, design & build contractors and specialty contractors.

Aidea Technologies offers a wide-range of VDC solutions including consultancy and transition services, process mapping and customization, high-end modeling and documentation, automation and software development.

Aidea Technologies have developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in automation and software development, giving the firm the capability to customize data-driven solutions.


In 2015, Aidea, in a joint venture with Danish partner BIM Equity, established Epiito to explore applications of VR in Virtual Design & Construction.

We developed Computer Automated Virtual Environment (CAVE) technology, which enables us to do virtual prototyping. With CAVE, owners, designers, and users can walk through a BIM model in virtual reality to experience the design of a room, a building, a park or even a township. It is an extremely accurate communication tool, allowing stakeholders without technical training to become co-creators of their projects. Experiencing the BIM model in 1:1 scale enables the project team to assess space programs, wayfinding, operations, and logistics, and even to conduct orientation and training programs in virtual space before project construction.

Using an application, consultants around the world can connect their mobile devices to see exactly what the project team in the CAVE sees. This enables the whole team to collaborate in real time, examine options and propose solutions together, leading to faster and better diagnosis and decision-making.

As co-creators and integrators who manage multidisciplinary—often globally dispersed—teams, tools developed by Epiito allow for the tight coordination of each expertise to drive efficiency, quality, and unity of effort.

A+ Design Group

A+ Design Group is a global alliance of 14 design firms from strategic countries formed by Aidea to cover end-to-end project lifecycle: from business development and project establishment through all the stages of design, construction, and building operations. Building upon Aidea as an integrated design provider, our allies in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA broaden and fortify our range of services, allowing us to take on complex projects while adding global experience to location-specific knowledge.

Building upon Aidea as an integrated design provider, our allies in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA broaden and fortify our range of services, allowing us to take on complex projects while adding global experience to location-specific knowledge.







Aidea Design Foundation
Caring for our Future

Our activities focus on empowering architecture and software development students through scholarship and mentorship programs, and young elementary school students through the Philippine Department of Education’s Adopt-a-School program.

The Aidea Design Foundation launched its Scholarship Program in 2012 with four college scholars. As of December 2018, we have had a total of 40 scholars and 18 graduates.

Through the Department of Education’s Adopt-a-School Program, the ADF has been supporting Ganado Elementary School in Biñan, Laguna, since 2015. Apart from providing monetary and material support, the Aidea Design Foundation enlists Aidea volunteers to initiate activities with the school children to encourage reading, sports, self-expression and interest in design and the arts.