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Integrated design and technology is how we deliver value-added services. We provide holistic solutions, from initial strategies and design planning through construction administration to post-occupancy, to ensure your business idea gets built on strong foundations and succeeds throughout its lifecycle. We are committed to fostering a long-term relationship with every client.


"Architecture is the pursuit of things that make humans live better." -Abelardo M. Tolentino, Jr. , President and CEO

We approach every project collaboratively and without preconception to customize solutions for the owner, the site, and all users. We co-create with each client throughout planning, programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration to design environments that positively impact people’s lives. Our ability to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions creates places that improve community amenities and integrate seamlessly within the surrounding urban context and the public realm.

Interior Design

A well-designed environment is the foundation of a successful project and a long-term partnership. Through empathy, co-creation, and design and technology integration, we provide solutions that enhance the experience of space. We strive to understand each client’s culture and draw upon our extensive background to convey their vision and goals into reality. From concept to completion, our design approach ensures programs and aesthetic preferences are brought to life to create the most welcome interior experiences.


We design and deliver major urban projects that range from city-wide design strategies, through detailed master plans and guidelines, to the design of new buildings and public spaces. Our strategic thinking is supported by rigorous analysis, meaningful collaboration, and extensive experience in placemaking. Our integrated planning and design expertise allow us to appreciate and assimilate the numerous dimensions of a project and enable us to deliver future cities that are robust, culturally rich, and economically strong.

Graphic Environments

We know that what forms a modern, three-dimensional brand goes much further than just a company logo. It’s about the immersive experience that their customers have. With this in mind, we work closely with your leadership, marketing team, or ad agency to ensure that the mission, vision, and values of your company are fully embodied in the wayfinding, interpretive, and placemaking elements of your built environment. We enable your brand experience to extend to the design of interior or exterior spaces.