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Virtual Design and Construction
(VDC) Services

VDC enables everyone involved in a project to simulate their work in a 3D virtual environment, where plans are tested and potential design clashes are resolved before any actual construction or fabrication is done. By first collaborating digitally, we minimize revisions and improve construction quality within a shorter timeframe and at less cost.

Automation and Customization

The Future is Automatic.

Aidea maximizes the use of digital technologies through data optimization to improve quality, boost productivity, streamline project milestones and increase cost savings all throughout the building lifecycle. Aidea customizes programs that automate VDC processes and repetitive modeling tasks. We configure our capability to cater to the client’s unique processes. Aidea’s in-house plugins help architects and designers analyze areas and efficiencies, check building code compliance, create clash detection reports, produce construction drawings and specifications, generate quantities and cost estimates, all in an instant, through automation.


Enhance Reliability

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Automate your workflow and guarantee quality output by boosting efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Save time and money

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Drive revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks with digital labor.

Optimize human potential

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Automate repetitive tasks to focus on objectives that use your unique human skills.

Our Approach


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We begin with a thorough assessment of your status and plot a course aligned with your success goals.


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We configure our capability to cater to your unique processes and deploy a carefully calibrated strategy.


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Our extensive experience allows us to administer and boost all process enhancements for maximum benefits.

What is Aidea Automation?

The Future of Work

The future of your business is automation and it’s here today. Aidea Automations optimize human effort by eliminating the repetitive work, boosting accuracy and efficiency, and exponentially increasing productivity. We have made this revolutionary technology as accessible as never before. What’s more is that we can tailor them to cater to your unique processes. By pushing the potential of VDC, our automations liberate people to do what they do best: Create, Dream, and Inspire. Instead of working harder, they let you work smarter. Leverage our groundbreaking innovations and build a competitive edge for a future-ready business.

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Auto Contract Documentation

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Auto Specifications

Auto bill of quantities 1b70d5d5f43c480850aff593e0d7cad539ebb7a9299edefd6ce47a496042810f

Auto Bill of Quantities

Auto executive summary a07a628851fa31fc05ba77926dfb212f74e025c587fb17d8ff7d120e82741685

Auto Executive Summary

Auto schedules 62978ab0e200084d603ce95a9ecba1a2818c73518faa41c9c937eb240b1273d5

Auto Schedules:

  • Auto Finish Schedule
  • Auto Door Schedule
  • Auto Glazing Schedule

Auto tags and dimensioning 30d020d1eab4bde28435ab44c7f192027e27649c3275ec37e24b2aaa20d2069e

Auto Tags and Dimensioning:

  • Auto Dimensioning
  • Auto Correct Dimensions
  • Auto Parking Numbering


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Auto Contract Documentation

ARCHICAD users can automatically generate views from a BIM model and lay it out systematically to complete contract documentation in no time.

Standardized Output
8 hours* of manual generation of drawing sheets vs. 30 minutes of automated process
*depending on project size

Auto Specifications

Automatically capture data from a BIM model and generate a complete finish and specifications document

Accuracy and Efficiency
3 days of manual creation of specifications (1st draft) + (x) number of days of manual updating vs. 5 minutes of automated process

Auto Bill of Quantities

Quantify elements and define unit and labor cost to render a complete Bill of Quantities document

Accuracy and Efficiency
1 week of manual estimation of Bill of Quantities vs. 1-2 hours of automated process
9-10% market acceptable variance vs. 100% accuracy