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VR and Co-creation

Virtual Reality and Co-creation

Owners, designers, and users can walk through a VDC model in virtual reality to experience the design of a room, a building, a park, or even a township. It facilitates the evaluation of programs, wayfinding, operations, and logistics in the designed spaces.

Virtual Reality and Co-creation

By linking virtual reality technology with VDC, Aidea can create virtual prototypes for evaluating the design and occupant experience. It is an efficient alternative to building physical mock-ups.

Computer Automated Virtual Environment

The CAVE, a purpose-built facility upon the walls of which the VDC model is projected in 1:1 scale, provides an immersive virtual reality experience. Using simple hand gestures, the user is freely able to navigate through the model. The experience is an accurate simulation that allows the users to appreciate all spatial considerations of the design. CAVE technology is a joint venture between Aidea and Denmark-based BIM Equity, a pioneer in advanced VDC technologies.

Members of a project team can access the CAVE on their mobile phones and share in the experience of the VDC model in real-time, regardless of location. This enables the entire team to examine design options and proposed solutions together, leading to faster and better diagnosis and decision-making.

Other Uses

The CAVE likewise proves to be a valuable tool when utilized for training purposes. Hospitals and other health service facilities use it to orient staff while the building is still under construction. It is useful for drilling teams on critical procedures such as emergency evacuation, safety, and security protocols.