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Adventz Tower

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

VDC transition and integration solutions for tall buildings

In 2014, a Dubai-based design firm made a strategic decision to design and document the a 68-storey in Dubai in VDC and use it as a pilot project for their architects to learn and to appreciate its benefits.

Aidea Technologies, hand in hand with the client’s project team, applied model-based design refinements, conducted real-time coordination with the other trades, and extracted 2D documentation drawings from the model.

It was a successful illustration of how members of a project team could collaborate, coordinate, and contribute to developing a project on a single VDC model from a shared platform.


Client: Confidential
Location: Burj Khalifa District, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Size: 68 floors
Services: VDC Consultancy, and VDC Modeling and Integration

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