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Menarco Tower

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

Wellness at Work

The Menarco Tower is a 32-storey office building located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For their maiden project, the Menarco Development Corporation was determined to create a work environment that went beyond merely reducing stress on the environment but prioritized the wellness of its occupants and users. The resulting structure not only meets the gold certification standards set by LEED but is also certified Gold by WELL, the world’s premier standard for advancing health and well-being in built environments. (While LEED focuses mainly on green building design, energy efficiency, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions, the newer WELL Building Standard measures and monitors the performance of building features that affect users’ physical welfare.) The Menarco Tower is the first building in Southeast Asia to enjoy this dual distinction.

As the architect of record in collaboration with concept architect and architectural interiors designer, CS Design Consultancy Inc., Aidea was called upon to draw on our expertise in office developments, experience in LEED, and conversance with WELL. Furthermore, Aidea leveraged its extensive VDC capabilities to integrate not only the essentials required by a boutique development of this class but to furthermore consolidate the designs from the various project partners in compliance to the specifics and standards required by both LEED and WELL to qualify for their respective Gold-level certifications, to create this pioneering landmark.


Client: Datem Inc.
Size: 26,850 sqm/ 30 Floors
Typology: Office
Services: Architecture
Year: 2015 - 2017

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Healthiest High Rise

To meet the gold benchmarks of two of the world’s most respected building certification bodies, the fine-tuned building envelope keeps heat from penetrating into the interiors. A generous floor to ceiling heights maximize natural lighting while double-glazed windows keep heat gain at bay. Air conditioners with high-efficiency filters prevent the entry of particulate matter and provide air quality comparable to that of international hospitals. An advanced water filtration system makes the tap water potable. Features that encourage healthy habits include dining halls with healthy food options, easily accessible stairs for exercise, bicycle parking, landscaped terracing, a wellness center, and a health clinic. Yet the greatest challenge was to achieve a simple, timeless elegance. For a unique brand and legacy project, it was vital to refine an architectural language to expresses dynamic modernity infused with Filipino flair. The breezy, uncluttered aesthetic expresses the client’s vision and conforms with the Filipino notion of an ideal space.

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Aidea is proud to have led this new standard-setting collaboration. You can read more about the Menarco Work Design Magazine and Bluprint feature articles here:


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Pre-Certified Building

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Certified Building

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Highly Commended
Best Office Architectural Design

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Winner of Best Green Development
Winner of Best Green Development (Phils)
Highly Commended Office Development

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As the world prioritizes health and safety as a response to the current pandemic, the way in which the built environment plays a leading role in supporting health and well-being is underlined more sharply than ever before. The example of buildings such as Menarco could provide the best possible answers to the question of how we are meant to move toward a future normal.