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Technology integration and automation

Designed by Architects for Architects.
Our plugin automations can be tailored to fit your unique processes and generate significant benefits throughout your workflow. Aidea's in-house software development team has written a dozen high-impact plugins that streamline the VDC process by automating tedious and repetitive steps – all configured to cater to your unique processes.

We optimize digital technologies to improve quality, boost productivity, streamline project milestones, and increase cost savings throughout the building lifecycle.

Auto Executive Summary

Generate a summary of areas from a BIM model and actively track the gross floor area usage on your project. This solution is intended for the schematic design phase of the project. It extracts information from basic elements in the BIM model and can then generate the following information:

  • Area Tabulation – shows the efficiency of profitable vs non-profitable spaces. Also shows the gross floor area and construction floor area.
  • Parking Summary
  • Unit Mix (for residential projects)
  • Glass / Concrete Ratio

The information is then exported into the default spreadsheet application of the computer from which it s generated. This also enables users to configure how and what they want to show in the generated documents.
This solution works both in ARCHICAD and Revit.

Auto Schedules

Generate comprehensive Door, Finish, and Glazing schedules
The schedules that can be generated are;

  • Doors
  • Finishes
  • Glazing / Windows / Curtain Walls

The door and finish schedules are drafted worksheets in the BIM authoring tools while the glazing schedules are generated as elevation views.

Auto Door Schedule

Auto Finish Schedule

Auto Glazing Schedule

Auto Tags and Dimensioning

Automatically generate tags and dimensions based on expandable set of rules that can be turned on and off.

Some dimensioning rule examples include;

  • Grid to grid dimensions
  • Property line setouts to gridlines
  • Window setout to the nearest wall
  • Parallel walls within a room
  • Residential unit extents

This also includes sub tools that have a semi-automatic effect;

  • Parking slot numbering – basically allows the user to draw a line that will dictate the direction of the parking slot numbers.
  • Dimension placement adjustment – attempts to adjust dimensions’ placements based on a set of rules.

Auto Dimensioning

Auto Correct Dimensions

Auto Parking Numbering