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VDC Migration


Company-wide fast-track migration to VDC

In 2011, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) was still at its birthing stage in the construction industry. One of Japan’s largest construction companies partnered with Aidea Technologies to help them fully achieve their vision to fully commit to a company-wide fast-track migration to a VDC-based workflow.


Client: Confidential
Location: Various cities throughout Japan
Size: Over 25 projects
Typology: Office, Stadium
Services: VDC Consultancy, VDC Training, VDC Modeling and Integration, and Quantity Take-Off
Year: 2011

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Aidea Technologies took the opportunity to expand the application of digital tools, develop an execution strategy from guidelines and standards set-up, through project planning, object and component definition, GDL development, conducting VDC workshops, to developing audit automation, 2D extraction, bill of quantities generation, construction simulation, fabrication, and as-built generation. Both firms collaborated successfully on 25 projects within a period of 3 years to test and improve the workflow, and have since reaped the many benefits of VDC.