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Arya Residences

Manila, Philippines

Living well, living right

Arya Residences prides itself as the first LEED Gold Certified Residential Condominium in the Philippines. Our team played a vital role in ensuring that sustainable design principles were adopted in the building’s orientation, configuration, façade design, material selection, engineering systems, and maintenance protocols. As the front-runner, Arya Residences paved the way for other developments to aim for similar environment-friendly and green building initiatives, contributing to a healthier planet.


Client: Arthaland Corporation
Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Size: Tower 1- 29,400 sqm / 39 floors, Tower 2 - 32,700 sqm / 44 floors
Typology: Residential
Services: Architecture
Year: 2010

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The residential development sets two condominium towers on a shared podium. The taller 44-storey cylinder is designed on an elliptical plan while the other 39-storey tower adheres to a rectilinear scheme. This move brings together two seemingly incongruent elements into a pleasingly balanced composition in the same manner that Arya marries environmental sustainability with refined urban living. The upper podium terrace features all shared amenities exclusive to the residents including 3 different pools, function rooms, a fitness facility, an indoor and outdoor children’s play area, and lushly landscaped gardens. The lower podium plaza features retail and dining spaces that enliven the streetscape at all times of the day.

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