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The Finance Centre

Manila, Philippines

Defining a skyline

The Finance Centre is the third collaboration between Aidea, Gensler, and Philippine developer, Daiichi, for whom Aidea has been providing design solutions since its first office building project in BGC. Through shared experience, the project team has developed the design and technical strategies that improve collaboration. The tower’s 44-storeys houses 31 office floors, levels dedicated to retail and recreation, and a penthouse for executive offices.


Client: Daiichi Properties
Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Size: 10,000 sqm / 44 Floors
Typology: Office
Services: Architecture, Interior Design and Architectural and Engineering Integration
Year: 2017
In collaboration with Gensler

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In parallel to generative form-making, Aidea built a VDC model as a platform to coordinate inputs from all the project partners and consultants. The model was then used for different analytic parameters and visualization. The use of VDC allowed for a significant reduction in construction waste and carbon emissions that, along with heat gain prevention and energy and water resource-conserving strategies, enabled the team to target LEED Gold certification. The international project team proved Aidea’s VDC methodology an absolute necessity for the coordination and dovetailing of each expertise into a tightly integrated virtual model and package of construction documents.

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