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Mandani Bay

Cebu, Philippines

New heights for urban living

Mandani Bay is composed of 20-towers perched on a 2-level podium that sits on a 20-hectare waterfront site. Project construction is phased into a 10-year plan. The masterplan was developed to allow the positioning of the buildings to enjoy maximum views of the sea and the city. Due to the scale, density, and expanse of the development, one significant challenge was to address connectivity and access of its residents to the retail development, amenities, recreational facilities, landscaped gardens, trails, and paths. A circulation strategy was adopted to include tunnels, bridges, and paths at the basement, ground, and podium levels without compromising privacy and security.


Client: HT Land, Inc.
Location: Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Size: 20 hectares
Typology: Mixed use
Services: Masterplanning and Architecture
Year: 2015 - present

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Mandani Bay’s premium 20-hectare development is strategically located along the Mactan Channel, on prime land in Mandaue City. It is a mixed-use development, composed of residential, office, retail, and recreational spaces, which is carefully master-planned to ensure that each phase complements the others. A focal point for the development is a large green strip that provides a lushly landscaped central feature.

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