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Crimson Boracay

Boracay Island, Philippines

Paradise delivered

This luxury resort and spa occupy an exclusive, secluded location on the country’s most popular holiday island. Aidea’s VDC expertise was called upon to help meet the inherent challenges presented by the insular locale to which all construction materials, equipment, and crews are ferried by barge. To guarantee a solid platform upon which early costing and accurate procurement could be based, the most stringent disciplines in VDC model building had to be observed. Design data from the different teams were painstakingly integrated into one model that incorporated even the smallest engineering components. VDC proved invaluable in keeping redundancy, waste, expenses, and all other logistical uncertainties to a negligible minimum.


Client: Filinvest Alabang Inc.
Size: 30,000 sqm / 191 Keys
Typology: Hospitality
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Architectural & Engineering Integration & Quantity Take-Off
Year: 2018
In collaboration with WATG

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The accommodations and amenities of the deluxe holiday destination are organized on a mountain slope that overlooks a private beach cove. The resort features 192 rooms, suites, and villas, four swimming pools open to all guests, 23 smaller pools for each of the private villas, numerous sports and recreational facilities, and a grand ballroom.

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