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Procter & Gamble Geneva European Headquarters

Geneva, Switzerland

Enriching work culture

In 2004, Aidea and Procter & Gamble signed a global framework agreement for Aidea to design all of their offices worldwide. The scope included the preparation of design guidelines that governed all space planning and interior and environmental graphic design. It was important for P&G’s workplaces to communicate their new corporate brand to employees, customers, and shareholders.


Client: Procter & Gamble
Location: Avenue des Morgines, Geneva, Switzerland
Size: 19,000 sqm / 6 Floors
Typology: Corporate Interiors
Services: Architecture, Interior Design and Environmental Graphic Design
Year: 2009

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For the Geneva office, warm natural materials integrate with sleek graphics to inspire pride in P&G’s brands, work, and national culture. A wide variety of agile work environments reflects the theme of connecting globally while encouraging collaboration. Aidea worked to successfully deliver a physical extension of the brand for it's new prototype of the workplace of the future.

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It is worth noting that the Geneva office set a new benchmark in terms of space in the P&G Corporate Community, and served as an inspiration to other projects that followed such as those in Paris, Dubai, Rome, Madrid, and Cairo.

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